Makr. Digital Creative Masterclass

The Makr. Digital Creative Masterclass caters to both companies and individuals seeking to bolster their content creation capabilities. Whether aiming to enhance personal skills or elevate a company's promotional efforts, this Masterclass offers a tailored approach.

Centered around Adobe Premiere, participants receive thorough instruction on utilizing the software to edit and craft ready-for-distribution content. From asset correction and manipulation to implementing time-saving workflows and organization, participants will gain invaluable insights and techniques to elevate their production skills.

With no prerequisite experience necessary, the workshop emphasizes a hands-on learning-by-doing approach, ensuring that anyone who desires to learn can participate and thrive.

At the culmination of the Masterclass, participants will not only be thoroughly introduced to Adobe Premiere but will also have crafted and polished a distribution-ready video to premiere at our end-of-program video screening.

Empowering productivity

The demand for versatile employees who can enhance team productivity has never been higher. To thrive, companies must leverage technology intelligently and adapt swiftly. Makr. is a catalyst for productivity, empowering individuals to drive growth within their organizations..

  • Elevates the company and client's brand image by consistently delivering exceptional work

  • Bridges the gap between conceptualization and tangible execution, driving impactful outcomes

  • Enables individuals to finalize projects independently, without the need for additional resources

  • Augments the arsenal of talent within your organization, fostering a more competitive edge

Michael Wilde > Course Instructor

With over three decades immersed in advertising, I've amassed a wealth of experience in digital media production.

My journey began in San Francisco, where I co-founded Odiorne Wilde + Partners and played an instrumental role in shaping the identities of iconic brands like EA Sports, Teva Sport Footwear, and Joe Boxer. During this time, I witnessed the dawn of accessible editing and production technology, sparking a drive to master the tools and techniques.

A pivotal moment in my career occurred when I spearheaded the creation, writing, and direction of ABC Touchstone Television's inaugural original web series. Drawing inspiration from a decade's worth of my personal voicemail messages, the series titled "Voicemail" marked a significant milestone for ABC.

From concept to final execution, I've been privileged to spearhead countless projects, infusing each with a blend of creativity and technical skill. Whether it's crafting brand sizzle films for Body Armor Sports Drink or co-creating "eSports Athletes Rising" for Fox Sports, providing audiences with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at American eSports athletes.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to receive accolades for my work, including the Marget Larsen Award for Art Director of the Year in San Francisco. I've even had the privilege of making a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and partnering with legends like Kobe Bryant to shape brand videos.

As the lead instructor of this creative workshop, I'm eager to support the next generation of digital makers. Together, we'll explore various aspects of digital media, focusing on skill development and fostering creativity.



5 Session Masterclass (2 days)
This course provides foundational skills in video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro. Sessions cover desktop interface navigation, file management, asset importing, essential editing concepts, and asset manipulation techniques. Participants will create a 30 to 45-second video project incorporating various elements. The course culminates in a group viewing where participants share their videos.

Additionally, each participant will receive a PDF copy of the Makr.One Course Manual, ensuring they have a comprehensive resource for ongoing reference beyond the workshop session.

Session 1 >  Introduction to Premiere
Introduction of Premiere Desktop and essential file management techniques. Participants learn about custom workspaces, file organization, importing assets, sequence settings, and workspace windows. The session provides a comprehensive overview of Premiere's interface and fundamental workflows for efficient video editing.

Session 2  > Essentials
Session 2 focuses on essential aspects of video editing, covering pixel frame sizes, scaling techniques, considerations for file sizes and playback performance, mastering effects controls, including keyframes, and managing audio levels. Participants also learn about the efficiency-enhancing use of keyboard commands to streamline the editing process.

Session 3  > Asset Manipulation
Session 3 focuses on asset correction and manipulation techniques, offering creative hacks and tricks to enhance assets and even turn initially subpar assets into usable ones. Participants learn about techniques such as correcting pixelation and VR de-noise to refine and improve their video content effectively.

Session 4  > In-App Asset Creation
Session 4 of the workshop explores in-app asset creation capabilities within Premiere Pro, focusing on creating titles, captions, and recording audio voiceovers directly within the application.

Session 5  > Hands-On Editing
Session 5 of the workshop involves hands-on editing to create an end-of-masterclass deliverable: a 30 to 45-second video incorporating video clips, music, custom titles, captions, and logo. Participants engage in a guided editing process overseen by the instructor. They learn resizing techniques for social media platforms, as well as rendering and exporting procedures. This session culminates in a group viewing where participants share their videos.

Makr.One Plus

8 Session Masterclass (3 days)
Makr.One Masterclass plus three additional sessions

Building upon the foundational knowledge gained in Makr.One, Makr.One Plus delves deeper into advanced editing techniques, with sessions covering effects, color correction, LUTs, adjustment layers, file optimization, and more.

Session 1  > Advanced Editing Techniques
Session 1 focuses on advanced editing techniques, introducing participants to markers, nesting sequences, and various advanced editing tools. These techniques allow for more precise and efficient editing processes, enhancing the overall quality and creativity of video projects.

Session 2  > Advanced Video and Image Manipulation
Session 2 of the workshop delves into advanced video and image manipulation techniques, covering effects, color correction, adjustment layers, LUTs, and various video options. Participants gain deeper insights into enhancing visual elements and achieving desired aesthetic effects within their video projects.

Session 3  > Advanced Editing Techniques
Session 3 of the workshop concentrates on advanced exporting techniques, such as bitrates, encoding settings, and the utilization of Adobe Media Encoder. Participants learn how to optimize the export process to achieve high-quality output while efficiently managing file sizes and compatibility across different platforms and devices.


On-Site Makr. Masterclass

The On-Site Masterclass brings tailored learning to your location or a nearby venue. This format enhances the hands-on editing session, promoting immediate direction in a familiar setting. Proximity enhances group dynamics, fostering richer interactions between participants and instructor.

Attendees: Minimum 3 - No Maximum
(discount for 8 or more attendees)

5 Session Masterclass
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Makr.One Plus
8 Session Masterclass
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(venue cost additional if not provided)

Virtual Makr. Masterclass

The Virtual Masterclass is an online session led by the instructor via webcam. Participants join remotely, learning from their locations. The instructor provides personalized guidance through real-time instruction and demonstrations, fostering a sense of community among participants despite being off-site. This format offers flexibility and accessibility without the constraints of physical location.

Attendees: Minimum 3 - Maximum 7

5 Session Masterclass
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Makr.One Plus
8 Session Masterclass
(contact for pricing)

Participants receive a PDF copy of the Makr.One or Makr.One Plus Course Manual

Program Requirements
Computer that meets Premiere Pro minimum technical specifications
(adobe info link)
Inquire about Premiere App for Masterclass


Michael Wilde

What Makr. attendees are saying.

“The Makr class is awesome and in-depth.  I was creating my own content and editing at the end of day two”
- Michael Smith “copywriter”